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WESCO Distribution is the premier green and sustainability solutions provider with the right products, services and experience for your organization.

A Targeted Approach

Any plan for going green requires direction. The best approach to carbon footprint reductions must be based on data and a quantifiable business case for sustainability. It is how we developed our own sustainability initiative, LEAN to GREEN®, and the foundation for our portfolio-based plan. We were the first electrical distributor to measure and publicly report our carbon footprint in 2008 as part of the Carbon Disclosure Project and we are proud members of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2006.

In electrical distribution, WESCO is the leader in sustainability and is prepared to help craft your organization’s sustainability plan together. Ask us – we provide solutions in

  • Alternative Energy
  • Lighting/Control Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Energy Audits
  • Green Data Centres
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Energy Curtailment/Demand Response
  • Automation Engineering

Important news on lamp recycling in British Columbia, Canada

The British Columbia Recycling Regulation requires the “producers” (typically first importers, including retailers, distributors and manufacturers) of all lamps, ballasts and fixtures sold into the residential, institutional, commercial and industrial sectors in BC to be part of an approved stewardship program by July 1, 2012. The program must be funded by these producers to provide a collection and recycling option for all generators of lamps, ballasts and fixtures in BC.

Product Care’s BC LightRecycle program began in 2010 and was originally limited to residential-use fluorescent lamps. This program will be expanded by Product Care, effective October 1, 2012, to provide a compliance option for all obligated parties, and will capture all lamps, ballasts and fixtures sold into the residential, institutional, commercial and industrial sectors in BC. If your company is obligated under the BC Recycling Regulation, becoming a Product Care member for the LightRecycle program will enable your business to comply with these requirements.

Program funding:
The program will be funded by recycling fees applied to the sale or supply of new lamps, ballasts and fixtures sold in BC beginning October 1, 2012. The fees will be used by Product Care to fund all program costs including the collection, transportation and recycling of end-of-life products. These fees will be paid by program members (manufacturers, distributors, retailers) who have joined Product Care to fulfill their legal obligations. Members have the option of “passing-on” these fees to their customers.

Please refer to the Members Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the program, the obligations of producers and the recycling fees.

WESCO Distribution Canada is a registered member of Product Care and our registration number is #1331.

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